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Coronacoaster Strikes Again

Coronacoaster Strikes Again

Well, this all feels a bit weird, on the eve of a local lockdown for Merseyside (or Liverpool City Region as I prefer to call it). I am already three days into a new isolation caused by my 12 year old daughter, Georgia, who returned from school on Friday with a really sore throat that has quickly escalated. Ok, I know it is most likely that it is just a seasonal head cold that is normal for this time of year, but God love us all, it is hard not to look at her like she is the carrier of the plague.

School has been wonderful in providing us with a very informative risk assessment chart – which we have made pretty and shared with you below. It is full of common sense advice, which gave me comfort when on Saturday I was obsessed with getting a Covid test and was faced with the news that there were none available – although, madly, I was offered one in Dublin and Antrim!

So on Saturday night, which was supposed to be spent surprising my very lovely friend at her very fabulous birthday party, I was celebrating the fact I had secured a test at John Lennon Airport on Sunday morning. There were no queues as I had expected, and it was super efficient. There were lots of staff and availability – but they are mostly standing around waiting.

Test done, and we must now simply wait, and wait patiently from inside the safety of our home. Naomi in our team recently waited six days and two tests before she was given a negative result to come back to work. Max and I feel fit as a fiddle, Georgia is coughing up a storm, and getting away with lolly-ices for lunch to ease her sore throat. But there is this fear of Covid, even though I have had it already and have the antibody. Every media report freaks me out. The Chief Medical Officer today is stating that my antibody is no guarantee I won’t get it again, sending my mind spinning into a million contingency plans for how I can run a business without state aid, again, after just resuscitating it the first time!

My message is clear, and while the system is flawed, it is the only one we have and we must stay home and stay safe if we have any symptoms. We are collectively responsible for each other’s well-being, so be kind and do the right thing.

Jayne x

Please visit the NHS website for further information.