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Only the best will do.

Moore Media has made a promise to its clients to only recruit the best in class; people who share the passion for making an impact on the client’s objectives, and we each have a number of superpowers that give us the edge.


From time to time we do offer internships. We post on social media when we open the doors. A few guidance notes for those who share our passion; do stand out, tell us why you love what you do, and share with us your flair for writing, ensuring that you pay attention to the detail. Feel free to email us some examples of what you have written, or a show-reel, and send it to us – with the correct names on the email, and never CC other agencies (yes, we have seen this before!) Oh, and do pick up the phone, Jayne is always happy to take a call from a new talent! #NextBigThingInPR

Jayne Moore CEO Moore Media
Chief Executive Officer
Communications Director
Marketing Account Manager
Chelsea Yearsley PR Account Manager
Senior PR Account Manager
Marketing Director
Senior Marketing Manager

We are a friendly bunch. Say hi!