20th April 2021 Client News

Liverpool company Moore Media becomes the first in the North West to adopt pioneering cancer treatment membership plan from Rutherford Health

Liverpool-based Moore Media is one of the first companies in the UK to offer its employees access to advanced cancer treatment and care through Rutherford Health’s pioneering new healthcare membership scheme exclusively for cancer, Rutherford Direct.

Rutherford Direct members will have access to a comprehensive cancer treatment pathway and services including proton beam therapy across a UK network of Rutherford Cancer Centres. The plan also includes access to post-treatment medical costs, daily cash allowance, travel and accommodation as part of a monthly cover plan.

Jayne Moore, CEO of the digital marketing and communications agency, wanted to offer security and support to her employees after experiencing first-hand how a cancer diagnosis can turn your life upside down.

In 2005 and after four years of ill health and misdiagnosis, Jayne learned that she had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and was told that she had 12 months to live if she delayed treatment any further.

Now more than 15 years cancer-free, Jayne has a successful business and has delivered on her values of providing support through Rutherford Direct for herself, her family and her team.

Jayne Moore, CEO of Jayne Moore Media Group, said:

“As soon as I found out that as a cancer survivor of more than ten years, I would qualify for Rutherford Direct Cancer Cover, and that I could also cover my staff in my team, it was an easy decision. James Moran from Rutherford kept telling me about the range of benefits and I stopped him to say, “sorry, where do I sign?” Times are tough for all of us now, but 2020 has shown us that good health and peace of mind are the most important thing. We have enough to worry about post Covid.

“As a small business, each member of the team plays a vital role in the delivery of what we do, so I am keen to be supportive of the whole team by giving access to world-class cancer care and support, quickly should anyone need it. To have that peace of mind, to know there is a benefits package in place is so important to me and my family and my team as when I was diagnosed, I lost my income too and it was really hard. I would encourage any business leader to look at taking a plan. It is the equivalent of taking the team out for lunch to say thank you for working so hard – in the scheme of things, it’s nothing, in terms of cash flow, it’s a no brainer, and in today’s world, where looking after each other is crucial, the health and wellbeing of my team is priceless.”

Rutherford Direct was launched in 2020 by Rutherford Health plc, which operates a network of advanced cancer centres in the UK, including in Liverpool.

Rutherford Direct is available to businesses, families and individuals as the first healthcare membership plan in the UK to focus exclusively on comprehensive cancer cover.

Mike Moran, CEO of Rutherford Health, added:

“The cancer backlog is an issue that the Rutherford Direct plan addresses. It offers fast access to the best cancer care, providing relief to the NHS with our fully private pathway. This plan provides certainty to the healthcare market with a clear and transparent benefits package that holds us accountable to our members.

“At Rutherford Health, we are experts in cancer treatment and support, meaning fast access to tailored care and high-quality treatment. Rutherford Direct has been created with cancer patients’ best interests in mind, rather than what is most cost-effective.”

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