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Building brands with multi channel PR and Marketing which delivers results and ROI.


We are living in a digital age, news is now and in an instant – your online reputation needs to be considered from your website through to social media planning, content-creation and execution. We will pull you out of the digital shadows and give your online presence a much-needed binary boost.

Public Relations

Once the road map/strategic objectives are clear and your brand has a clarity of vision, narrative and articulation through a really well thought out website, let’s shout about you from the rooftops. With our team of former journalists, we will tell your story in a style that is news-worthy, engaging, press-ready and authentic, focusing on your target audiences to drive a desired reaction.

Reputation Management

In today’s 24-7 news cycle, a breaking story starts on social media and can become a crisis within minutes. We have become a specialist in managing this kind of story, and the secret is to respond appropriately and timely. We have developed a unique formula for tracking and managing a breaking news story to ensure that our client’s messages are ahead of the tsunami, bringing order back to the situation.

Social Media

We are meticulously planned in our approach to social media to ensure brilliant content is pushed out at the right time, on the right platform, to the right audience, in a way that is going to help you meet your end objectives. Social media should never be an after-thought, it is integrated along with a wider campaign approach.

Content Provision

Our team are storytellers at heart. We will utilise video, podcasts, photography and SEO-enriched copy for blogs to tell your story to the world and make your target audience excited about you.

Learning Brokerage

Reach your full potential – it’s time to become Moore. I Am Moore supports people living and working within the Liverpool City Region and beyond to acquire and sustain the very best skills and careers that enable them to fulfil their true potential. As a registered and accredited Learning Provider, IAM are an authorised Gateway Provider for the Department of Work & Pensions Kickstart Scheme which was created to support people back into employment after losing their jobs as a result of COVID-19.

Strategic Planning

All great campaigns begin with great planning. Before we hit the road, let’s get a look inside the engine of your business. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Strategic objectives are the power within every campaign, they keep us focused and energised to reach our goals. We take a look at your Mission, Vision, Values and Aims too – ensuring that the heart of the business is healthy.


Strategic thinking in marketing will empower a campaign to be well thought through and considered. Moore Media start all campaigns with a marketing action plan; to ensure that we are focused on the outcomes that each client is looking for. Nothing is off the peg here, it’s all customised to match each client’s strategic objectives and fully researched to make sure it’s best practice – in a short and long-term campaign approach. When you have a clearly articulated mission, vision and values, the rest is easy. You can build specifically targeted campaigns that deliver a desired result that can be evidenced to deliver a return on investment. It really is that simple.

Media Training

An essential element if you haven’t dealt with the media before is to develop a confident approach in media interviews – we work collaboratively with a number of former journalists to deliver real-time media training that adds to your competence and confidence in an interview setting, turning you into a real media pro!


A brand is more than just a logo, it is a marque and it communicates your values and what you care about. It links the hearts and minds of your organisation with your mission. We work with a range of specialists who bring unique elements to our team and we hand pick the perfect branding artist to work with us to help you vocalise yours.


Finding the all-important hook and telling your story in a way that leaves the audience wanting to know more – we also ensure that all copy is key-word enriched to make the most of every possible opportunity to maximise your search engine optimisation. We are passionate about details here at Moore Media, and we care a lot about spelling and grammar in our copywriting, it’s essential. We love to achieve a gold star!

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