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Getting the right message.

We have developed a technological approach to supporting every project. All client campaigns have a newsroom, containing a press kit, with client biographies, press releases, pull quotes, high resolution images and videos, to support a journalist in fulfilling the story. All of which can be run wherever we are, from a smartphone or tablet to ensure that our team of multimedia specialists can drive a campaign from a field in Yorkshire, a transporter bridge in Middlesbrough, or Terminal 5 at London Heathrow.

ADHD Foundation Umbrella Project, Heathrow T5 Launch, 2019 2
The Lantern Company
Mackenzie Thorpe Transporter Bridge

Reporting is such an important factor in what we do..

How can we tell if a campaign is working if we don’t review and evaluate it regularly and demonstrate ROI?

Once the marketing strategy and communications plan has been created and agreed by the client, it is vital that we have the opportunity to regularly evaluate the campaign.

Each month we undertake a review, ensuring that we are on message and on target to meet the specific objectives set out at the beginning of the campaign.

We use tools such as Ace Media, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to accurately report on the success of all campaigns.

We also track every project using a work in progress document (WIP), which is fully accessible to you and your team. This removes the hiding places and ensures a transparent and open system of monitoring the progress of your project.

We are only ever happy, when our clients are happy with the work we do for them!

Media reports will give us a sense of the audience reach, which we tie back to our objectives to be sure that we have met our KPIs for the campaign.

Google Data Studio allows us to monitor how effective each campaign has been, from social media reach, to newsletter clicks – we ensure that we measure month on month performance to keep the campaign on message and on track.

Client review meetings – each month we review and evaluate to police the campaigns and ensure that we are remaining on task. We want clients to be happy with the work we are doing for them… or we don’t sleep!

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For all of our clients we create a digital newsroom geared for a 24 hour news cycle. These are bespoke to each client and contain press releases, updated image files of key people, video talking heads with ‘pull quotes’ from key spokespeople and comments from patrons and strategic partners.

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