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The PR process at Jayne Moore Media

Selecting the right PR consultant to represent you is a difficult task. Allowing another person to guide the voice of your business can seem like a daunting task so before working with any consultant, it is vital that the business relationship is a good fit. Personalities and working styles can clash when working on tight deadlines, so in order to achieve the objectives that are set, it is important that from the off, everything is explained clearly to you about the PR process.

Understanding your business and objectives

Once commissioned on your project, Jayne undertakes a fact-finding mission. This allows Jayne access to your objectives, and enables the team to identify areas and aspects of the business that can be brought to life via the medium of PR. Although Jayne Moore Media are experts in crisis management and reputation management, at this initial fact find, full disclosure is essential to prevent any land mines along the way. Once the fact finding is complete, the formation of a Press Office Function will commence. This includes:

  • Agreed key messages to be communicated
  • Biography of key individuals (if not already in press friendly format)
  • Editorial photography
  • Notes to editors
  • Press release
  • Target media database
  • Press announcement of appointment
  • Activation of your press

We work hard to understand your business aims and aspirations. We learn your business terminology and jargon, work with you on key messages and objectives and deliver the right message to the right media.

Communicating with the Press

Speaking to press and media is often part and parcel of PR. Often, our clients feel nervous as this prospect, which we assure you is completely normal. At Jayne Moore Media we like to make this as smooth as possible for you, ensuring you appear confident and the key messages are delivered. You may or may not have been media trained but we will always do our utmost to prepare you before any briefing or interview and give you guidance to warm up the conversation if it is lacking. If you feel like additional media training is required, this can be arranged for you.

As your chosen PR consultant, we like to make the communication with the press we work with as easy as possible. In order to translate your achievements and objectives, we undertake as much research and background information as possible, giving our journalist contacts more than is needed so they can ‘firm up’ a story and make it their own rather than simply churn out a press release.

Discuss the potential of PR and your business. Call Jayne on 0151 236 2879 or email itsneverdull@jaynemooremedia.com or join us for a cuppa on our comfy sofas at our Liverpool office.

Jayne Moore is a safe pair of hands, experienced at making things happen.