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Marthe Kvernvik

PR Account Manager

Marthe Kvernvik.

My superpowers are: 

My superpower is: I’m dedicated, creative and I know how to turn complex information into an engaging press release. With a can-do attitude and a detail-oriented mindset, I always strive to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

After finishing her journalism degree in 2019 at The University of Chester, Marthe worked as an account manager in Liverpool managing a high number of clients on a daily basis, liaising with people at a range of different levels and providing businesses, brands and people with a leading voice.

Putting her journalistic knowledge into practice, Marthe worked as a journalist for a Norwegian newspaper, creating engaging content for online, print and social media. With this experience, Marthe is a quick thinker and is always looking for new ways to position clients, control a message, or break the big news in a timely and creative manner. 

Marthe is experienced in building relationships with key stakeholders across multiple sectors, covering multiple topics and building a positive reputation for clients. She is able to quickly turn complex information into an engaging press release, adapting the message and angle to the correct media outlet for you.

Marthe is a diligent person who confidently applies her industry knowledge to stay on top of any current affairs that may impact or elevate your business, making sure you get the coverage you or your business deserves.

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