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The barely surviving survival guide for mums working from home – Part 1

children playing at home

The barely surviving survival guide for mums working from home – Part 1

Picture this, you are a working parent and you have just been told your child’s school will be closed for potentially the next FIVE months and you can’t leave your house. No this isn’t fiction, as we all know too well, this is reality for most people in the UK and across the world right now.

Ok, so now that we know there isn’t a punchline, how do we get through each day as a parent who is now working from home and trying to take on the new role of teacher. In all honesty, none of us have any clue, but we can find our way through this together.

This is what I have found useful in week one:

The mute button on Zoom!

The mute button on Zoom. Your toddler does not care if you are having a client meeting and they do not care if you are in the middle of a serious discussion. If they want a packet of raisins, they will let you and everyone else know about it. Don’t be shy about muting that microphone.

Facebook groups.

Facebook groups. Lots of parent/teacher homeschooling help groups have popped up all over Facebook and they are an invaluable resource, especially if you are stuck for ideas or having trouble navigating your way through your child’s curriculum.

Joe Wicks.

The Lord, our saviour! The Body Coach has promised to do a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel every weekday at 9am until the schools reopen. I am SO grateful for this as I have been worried about my children and myself getting enough exercise while we are isolating and this is the perfect solution, but also loads of fun. My children had a great time, suitable for all ages and a great way to feel energised for the day ahead. Plus, I realised just how unfit I actually am. Here is a link to Joe’s YouTube channel.

Subscribe to be notified of when he goes live.

Online activities.

Online activities. There are so many virtual events on Facebook which are a great resource and help to break up the standard school work, online history lessons, art and craft, dance, music and English. Just have a search and see what pops up. They are great for keeping little ones occupied while you get some work done.

School mum WhatsApp group chat.

School mum WhatsApp group chat. It is always amazing how we come together in times of crisis. I have found the mums at my childrens’ school have been incredibly supportive. We are all going through the same struggles and worries. It is helpful to share the load and good for your own mental health. 

Most importantly, you need to be flexible with your working hours and try not to stress. This period will pass and life will get back to normal eventually. Look after your mental and physical health, keep your routine of getting dressed each day, of course not office attire, but save pyjama days for the weekend. This will help to keep a healthy, proactive mindset.

Take care guys, and most importantly, stay at home with your children, unless of course, you are one of the wonderful key workers keeping our country going during this time of crisis. Until next time…