28th September 2023 Moore Media

Jayne Moore celebrates 11 years as trustee of St George’s Hall

This week Jayne celebrates her 11th year as a trustee of St Georges Hall.

Back in 2007, Jayne married her husband Max – the first wedding to take place in the venue, igniting her love for the spectacular venue and the history within its walls.

Since becoming a trustee in 2012, Jayne has been involved in a number of monumental projects hosted in St George’s Hall over the years…

  •  In 2015, Jayne worked alongside fellow board members to bring the ‘Weeping Window’ to life. Weeping Window was a visual project that consisted of thousands of handmade ceramic poppies pouring from a high window to the ground outside of St George’s Hall. The Weeping Window was created to commemorate all of the lives lost at war in World War I and World War II
  •  In 2018, Jayne helped with bringing the Little Boy Giant project to St George’s Hall. This was the beginning of the Giant’s expedition across the Liverpool City Region which was held to commemorate Liverpool’s 10th anniversary of its European Capital of Culture title
  • 2018 saw the introduction of the St George’s Hall Lecture Series, which brought together incredible thought leaders and pioneers, such as Lord Michael Hesteltine, David Olosoga and Mary Beard, to The Small Concert Room, famously staged by Charles Dickens
  • In 2019, the former Prince of Wales, now King, visited St George’s Hall to view the recently discovered “undercroft” – traditionally a cellar used for storage in medieval times which has now been transformed into a gallery space. He revealed the building was one of his favourites
  • In 2021, Jayne launched the Mary Seacole campaign at St George’s Hall. This campaign had the objective of creating and installing a statue of health pioneer, Mary Seacole. The statue would be the first ever BAME, and second female monument in St George’s Hall, following Kitty Wilkinson, who famously introduced the wash house, which brought an end to a cholera outbreak in 1832. This project is still ongoing
  • 2023 has been a magical year for St Georges Hall as Eurovision shone a light on the building during a ceremony to celebrate Eurovision in the city as well as being the location where Liverpool officially received the keys to Eurovision
  • 2023 also saw the restoration of the stunning Minton Tiled Floor at St George’s Hall, with a specialist replacing the famous floor tile circles. At a cost of £75,000 the historical tiles have been restored and there history lives on

Jayne has enjoyed many successful years as trustee of St Georges Hall, here’s to many more!

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