10th July 2019 Client News

Liverpool Chamber calls for city authorities and businesses to collaborate on infrastructure projects to stimulate engagement and growth

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce is calling on the city’s businesses and local authorities to work more closely when it comes to designing and delivering major infrastructure projects. The Chamber claims that the engagement of businesses – as growth enablers and change makers – with strategic projects such as HS2 and Northern Power Rail is essential to maximise the opportunities that they will bring.

Businesses have reported to the Chamber that transport connectivity is a substantial barrier to growth, with connectivity for the movement of employees and customers a key priority. Strengthening partnerships across the private and public sector at a strategic level and collaborating on delivering infrastructure projects, such as HS2 and NPR, will make clear the meaningful impact they will have on the operations of businesses of all scale and size by 2026.

Paul Cherpeau, CEO of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, said: 

“I was on site with HS2 Ltd in Birmingham recently and the scale of building work there and at the neighbouring depot facility is incredible. The cascading impact on the surrounding areas is already demonstrating the magnetising effect it could have for our businesses and our sense of place. We must be part of it.

“With partners in the City Region, we are determined that Liverpool should be a key participant in HS2 and the future high speed rail network. We encourage our business base to support a collective city region push to ensure it is delivered.”

Through co-creation and collaboration it will be possible to find solutions that are mutually beneficial to the macro-economic ‘northern powerhouse’, as well as the individual businesses operating at ground level and increase the likeliness of attaining the right infrastructure at the right time.

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